This question is always popping up when with i’m with clients or chatting to other photographers. So here’s a breakdown of what’s currently in my kit bag:

Thanks to my brother I’m a true Nikon shooter all the way! He let me borrow his beloved D70 back when I was starting out and even then I found using the Nikon such a intuitive experience i’ve never looked back.



  • 50 mm f1.4 G
  • 85 mm f1.4
  • 105 mm f2.8 VRII Macro
  • 16-35mm f4 VRII – new
  • 24-70 mm f2.8 G


  • 2x SB800 Speedlights
  • SU800 Remote triggering unit
  • Various light modifiers & stands.

I use a combo of Adobe’s Lightroom2 and Photoshop 3 to manage and edit all of my photos.  All this happens on my trusty Macbook Pro hooked up to a colour calibrated 24 inch Dell display.


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