I spent a lovely morning with Mum and her two beautiful daughters in Haywards Heath. We started early while the grass was still wet with the morning dew and the children had bags of energy to burn. The garden was the first port of call with the family trampoline being a great source of entertainment. A short walk to the park play area was next for some fun swinging, climbing & exploring!

The eldest daughter opened up her pretend ice-cream & cake shop so we all placed orders for the yummiest, sweetest & tastiest food we could think of, mine was a rather large piece of pretend banoffee pie 🙂

After stopping for some real refreshments we wondered back though a leafy wooded area and searched for as many buttercups & dandy lions as we could find. They were all fantastic to photograph and as always the time went so quickly.

Below is a selection of favourites from the day:


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