Hi Folks,

So all of a sudden the children have returned to school and the weather decides to drop 10 degrees and throw some mean rain clouds at us. Suddenly we’re adventuring into the loft looking for the “Autumn Clothes Box” where jumpers will be found that’ll at least stave off putting the heating on till October – welcome to the beginning of autumn.

At least we had a fab summer this year, remember last year when it rained sometimes all the time! I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to change Toby’s “what’s the weather outside” magnetic chart for five months, much to his disappointment.

Weather observations aside, below is a late summer family portrait session featuring the M. family. We had an amazing hours adventuring, hiding, climbing and chasing around a park in Steyning. The late afternoon sun was perfect for family portraits (as shown below 🙂

Enjoy the selection.

~ Alan

A very happy baby smiles and claps for his portraitA family has fun in the parkFather and toddler together for a photoDad and daughter spend time in the parkMother and daughter play make believeMum & Dad enjoying time with their sonMother tickles her daughter in the parkChild enjoying the parkProfessional Family Group photo in a Park


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