An overview of the steps taken to be a more earth-positive business.

My Mission

As a business that creates printed artwork to last a lifetime, I am responsible for being mindful of how they are sourced and made.

I’m lessening Alan Wright Photography’s footprint by identifying what can be done within the business and taking steps to make a positive impact while reviewing suppliers’ sustainability endeavours.

With a focus more towards sustainably sourced natural materials, where possible, and less harmful printing processes, the goal is to be more environmentally considerate and minimise the impact on the planet.

Together we can make a positive change for the next generation.

An Earth Positive Experience

A tree is planted for every session booked

I fund tree-planting projects around the world by purchasing one tree for every session booked at no cost to you. Track my sustainability progress by visiting my profile on the Greenspark website.

And one tree for every Wall Art order too

I also fund tree planting with every Wall Art order, again at no cost to you. My sustainable-focused framers also pledge to plant trees for certain frame ranges doubling the positive impact.

“I’m striving to run my business with sustainability as a core value.”

Sustainability Pledge

I’m committed to becoming more environmentally and sustainably focused by:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the impact that I make on our environment.
  • Taking action to support this aim and address any shortcomings where possible.
  • Source suppliers and products that align with my mission and sustainability pledge.
  • Regularly review my suppliers to make sure our sustainability objectives are aligned.
  • Make a positive impact by funding tree planting and carbon offsetting projects.

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset

Products & Materials

Sustainably sourced where possible.

If you’ve met me in person, you’ll know how much I love my fine art album range. Not only are they crafted to last a lifetime, but their materials come from sustainable sources, and wherever possible, they’re also 100% recycled. If green envy were a thing, I’d have it for these guys.

My framers are also aligned with my sustainability goals by using FSC-approved wooden frames shipped in a sustainably sourced presentation box, and they plant a tree with every order (that’s on top of my pledge to plant a tree, so two-for-one when you order a frame).

Bamboo Panels, one of my most popular ranges, also have outstanding Eco credentials. The materials used are ethically sourced. The bamboo wood is organically grown, FSC-certified, and completely renewable.

Lastly, my printed materials, such as my product guide, pricelist, gift vouchers, and other printed marketing collateral, are sourced from companies that use recycled and sustainably sourced paper products.

Packaging & Shipping

Recycled over new and grouped delivery days.

Where possible, delivery boxes and protective packaging are made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials. Most of my artwork suppliers now ship their products without using any plastics, and the packaging is easily recyclable. A small range of products are sent from the photographic print lab in a protective plastic sleeve; this is unavoidable as it protects the print items.

To avoid unnecessary journies, I’ll be looking to batch my order deliveries or combine the trip with another errand whenever possible to do so.

Tree Planting & Carbon Off-Setting

Positively impacting our planet and its inhabitants.

I’ve selected artwork options from a range of companies that champion sustainability in their product and packing options.

I’m amplifying this positive impact by planting a tree with every newsletter signup, session booking and artwork order.

For business-related mileage, I did a little research. Driving a family-sized car 500 miles produces an average of 200 kg of CO2, which I’ll be offsetting via monthly pledges.

Track my progress by visiting my profile on the Greenspark website.

Just throwing this out there, but if any wonderful clients want to fly me out to document their Mediterranean vacation, I’ll gladly top-up my carbon offset to cover the travelling involved to make it a carbon-neutral experience.

If you have any questions, just ask away.

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