Newborn Photography Uckfield

Crikey it’s 2019! How’s it been so far? A know January can feel pretty bleak. The good news is that February is just around the corner. I’ve got a lovely at-home newborn photography session to share which should be the perfect pick-me-up while we wait it out for February. This blog post features Newborn Photography Uckfield.

Headed over to the client’s home near Uckfield, always love driving that way as the towns and villages are pretty picturesque.

Newborn photography sessions are always mum and baby lead

One of the key reasons new parents love at-home newborn portrait sessions is that everything they need is to hand. Need another nappy, it’s here, Baby just pooped all over dad (happens so much ?), there’s another shirt in the wardrobe. Newborn photography sessions are always mum and baby lead so knowing that your cosy feeding chair and support cushion are just there when needed is a big comfort.

Don’t think you need to go crazy tidying up before the session too, you’ve got enough going on to worry about that. Firstly I’ve been there myself with my two boys, you’ve got a new tiny person to look after and if you’ve already had kids you’ve got them to deal with too. I don’t hold judgement and if needed I’ll clear surfaces to get that magic shot.

That’s enough rambling from me for now, enjoy

the selection below

Newborn baby sleeping on blanket wearing a hat - Newborn photoshoot

Newborn Baby looks out over dad shoulder - Uckfield newborn photoshoot

New parents in Uckfield with newborn baby

Newborn baby sleeping on mummy - Newborn photography Uckfield

I hope you liked this featured session. If you’d like to know more about my family photography sessions please do get in touch


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