It was a pleasure to catch up with this West Sussex family and meet their newest member. We headed to my parents cut flower nursery as there are long grass meadows and small wooded locations amongst the grounds. These make perfect spots for photos due to the soft golden light plus make great backdrops for family portraits.

We spent just over an hour having fun, capturing photos, gathering wild grass seeds in fallen tree bark and looking for little creatures. An adventurous ladybird was a big hit.

Enjoy the selection below.
~ Alan

Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-1 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-2 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-3 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-4 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-8 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-5 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-7Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-6 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-9 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-10 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-11 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-12 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-13 Adorable-Family-Photography-Near-Billingshurst-14

I hope I’ve inspired you with these family portraits. If you would like me to create a set of family photographs I’d love to hear from you.


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