A Different Perspective

Experimenting with drone Photography has been a personal project I’ve wanted to explore for a while. Should this be something I should be adding to my family photography services? Add your comments below.

Now I (currently) don’t own a drone and the rules about using a drone for commercial photography/videography in the UK are rightly quite strict. Here’s a link to the CAA (Civil aviation authority) guidance on using small drones for commercial work.

To test the waters so to speak I contacted my buddy Marc,  who owns a DJI Mavic Pro drone and asked if he would like to come out to play with it ?. We set a date and prayed it didn’t rain or was too windy.

Mum and two sons pose for photo on metal gate

No rain! yay! We headed to my parent’s smallholding as it’s private land. I did ask my parents if it was okay though.

Children watching DJI drone take off

The boys watching the drone take off

My parents have two large fields we could use.

DJI Mavic Pro controller and android mobile phone

Marc at the drone controls

DJI Mavic Pro in flight with decals Drone portrait of couple in long grass

The technology in these drones is amazing making them ridiculously easy to fly. After some training, I was got to have a play and take some photos. There’s no denying the different perspective you get is great. I can definitely imagine using it at family portrait sessions.

The “But”

But, and there always is, is that I’d be restricted to using it at locations that I had permission to fly. You’re also not supposed to fly them directly above people as we did for the top photo (naughty) whoops. This is to mitigate the unlikely event of them falling out of the sky onto my clients -eek. Plus add in the extra insurance and equipment costs means would it be cost effective to do so? Or put another way would you as a potential client be willing to pay extra for the added service?

Family posing for a drone photograph

Marc is a keen photographer and has is own Instagram account – Go check him out.

Couple pose for portraits

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