When a family that loves the outdoors requested a family photography session in early spring I got excited. We headed to a favourite location near Pulborough that is surrounded by pine trees and has the South Downs as a backdrop. It’s a fantastic time of year for photos as the sun’s arch is still low which makes for beautiful soft light which is perfect for portraits! We found plenty of things to keep the boys entertained, mainly collecting pine cones and searching for sticks. Using a few cones the boys dropped them into the pond to create water ripples.

Pulborough-family-photography-001Pulborough-family-photographer-002Pulborough-family-photography-003Pulborough-family-photographer-004Pulborough-family-photographer-010Pulborough-family-photographer-006Pulborough-family-photographer-007Pulborough-family-photographer-008Pulborough-family-photographer-009Ripples in a pond

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