Family Photography Ardingly. It was a pleasure to share an afternoon with three generations capturing family photos late last summer. We grabbed some blankets went for a walk and ended up near the Ardingly reservoir. As we wandered down the hill I could see it would be an ideal backdrop for a family group photo. The kids loved being in front of the camera, we had such a blast and captured some truly fun-filled moments. The assorted hats and tiara that came with us worked perfectly in the photos and kept everyone entertained between shots.
Enjoy the selection below.
~ Alan

children sitting in meadow tiara wearing toddler sits for photo with older cousin Siblings / cousins pose for family photo boys strike a pose for family photo Boys playing indians near lake extended family sibling group together for photo Teen sisters pose for family photo grand dad pulls grand children on blanket children running though meadow grandmother poses with grand children for family photo Family group stroll home after visiting Ardently Reservoir

I hope I’ve inspired you with these family photographs. If you would like me to create a set of family portraits for your own clan I’d love to hear from you.


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