We had a glorious morning exploring the local park with Little H and mum. Hide & seek was by far the most popular game we played followed closely by finding and picking large daises. Even I got involved in the fun games. Adorable Miss H has a wonderfully happy and inquisitive personality with boundless energy that kept mum and me on our toes all morning.

We first visited the local playground then explored the large park. The trees and bushes at the top of the small hill proved to be a great place to play games. Later we had a mid-morning break for refreshments and took the time to do some cloud animal spotting. The morning was topped off with watering the veggie garden, being introduced to the friendly family cat and some calming mum & daughter time in the bedroom (after the bounce fest on the bed with teddies joining in :-))

Here’s a selection of my favourites from their photo session.

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