9 Favourite Personal Photos of 2012

9 personal favourite photographs from 2012

Hi Folks,

Searching though my 2012 archive of 45,000+ photographs looking for my favourite client photos, I rediscovered some favourite personal shots too. To be fair and completely honest, there were WAY more than 9, I could have easy done a top 100! πŸ™‚

Each Image has a different story, a reason why it’s been selected. Two of the nine are photos taken with my phone camera, a testament to the saying “the best camera is the one you have with you”.

Enjoy the selection.

~ Alan

Ethan poses for a backlit photograph
1. Sometimes beautiful light will come from an unexpected source, in this photo it was from a white bed sheets drying on the washing line . This is Ethan, my eldest son. We were just playing around in the garden last spring (note the dirt on his face πŸ™‚

Not all photos necessitate a smile, Ethan’s a thinker, just like his daddy and I love how this inherited trait was captured.

A kitten yawns for the photograph
2. A cute kitten, need I say more… okay then, this is Freddie featured back in August with his equally adorable sister Lola.

I love this photo because it was just purely a well timed shot. It looks like he’s roaring but it’s just a big yawn. Timing is everything, an important lesson in photography!

Landscape photo of a lone tree in a freshly ploughed field

3. A totally unexpected photo opportunity turned out to be a great landscape photo to capture. Driving the boys back from Horsham, we got rained out of the park – boo.

On our way back the weather suddenly improved and this beautifully lit landscape appeared. I stopped the car grabbed the camera and managed to capture the scene. I love the combination of blues and browns, earth and sky.

I’m happy to admit I don’t go out of my way to capture landscapes but being in the right place at the right time has left me with a photo I’d be happy to have blown up large and hung on a wall.

A boy launches a model plane into the sky

4. It was coming to the end of the summer holidays. I’d missed out on taking Ethan to the Wings and wheels show in Dunsfold (he went with Mummy and the grand folks) He came back after having a fab time with a pretty cool model glider.

A bed time promise to take him to the park and fly it again as soon as possible was made and you can’t break a bedtime promise / going to sleep negotiation!

Soon enough we had Blue skies and a good breeze so set off to the park. The Instagram photo is a perfect reminder of that afternoon in the park

5. A little piece of the 2012 Olympics. We didn’t get to go up to London to see the Olympic events but we did make sure that on the days the cycling road races took place we’d take the boys up watch them.

It was a really lovely atmosphere waiting with all the other spectators and the buzz of excitement as the racers came closer and closer.

They went past in a blur, but I captured the pack leaders with what appears to be a solitary fan cheering them on. There were a lot more people there really πŸ™‚

Ethan excitedly skips to school

6. The first day of School! Early September and we were treated to a gorgeous morning while walking Ethan in for his first day of school. I say walk, but as you can see it was more a run, skip and jump the entire way!

Rule of thirds and timing creates a beautiful landscape photo

7. Watching for Jay birds.

Monday’s are daddy daycare day for me and Toby. One of our favourite places to go is Southwater country park. It’s simply a beautiful place to have a wonder around and it’s a great place to take in nature.

We were sitting on a bench watching for jay birds and enjoying the late summer scene when a boat move across the lake. The inner photographer spotted a “rule of thirds” shot and out came my phone and just waited until the boat moved into position.

Perfect timing, perfect afternoon with Toby.

Toby plays with fresh hay a field

8. In the build up to Toby’s 2nd birthday we did a late afternoon photo session as we needed some farm themed photos for the party invites. He love charging around the field helpfully collecting the hay. I just love his excited expression.

Creative use of LEGO men
9. The wasps are back!! I loved playing with LEGO when I was little (and still do now πŸ˜‰ Working on fun little personal photography projects keeps things fresh, keeps you thinking creatively and sometimes you pick up a new technique that can be applied to other photography work.Β 

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